Richard A. Holl, P. Eng, Dipl.-Ing.
Founder and Managing Partner of Holl Partners LLC

Richard Holl, a Canadian, born and educated in Germany, now resides in Camarillo, CA, USA. He graduated with a Dipl.-Ing. (ME equivalent) degree from TU of Munich, Germany. After emigration to Canada, Richard Holl established a special laboratory for contract research and quality control for industrial powders, such as pigments, chemical powders, powdered pharmaceutical ingredients and nuclear fuels. He became a member of ASTM sub-committee for fine particle analysis. Richard Holl invented and developed Sedisperse®, a series of universal dispersing and suspension liquids for analyzing particle size distributions with microscopes and other pertinent analytical instruments.  Some of Richard Holl's contract quality control and chemical engineering customers are, among many others:

  • United Technologies
  • General Electric, Nuclear Power Div.
  • Atomic Energy of Canada

Richard Holl also pioneered new air pollution control methods and earned a First Award in a contest by the EPA for designing and installation the most cost effective and efficient air pollution control system. Richard Holl developed one of the world's most compact heat exchangers, the Spherematrix® exchanger, available for non-exclusive licensing. Together with Fareed Al-Hudaib, Richard Holl established Gulf Engineering Company, Dammam, Saudi Arabia's first Saudi heat exchanger manufacturing plant and licensed to it the Spherematrix® Heat Exchanger. He also held guest lectures on industrial heat exchanger design at KACST University, Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Holl-Reactors® are now in operation at the world's largest chemical company with 86,000 employees and has been in operation in petroleum desulfurization processes at several locations, achieving reduction of sulfurous compounds to well below 5 ppm.

Holl-Reactors® are protected by US Patents 8,298,493 and 7,780,927

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