Why using a HOLL-REACTORS® ?
  • The HOLL-REACTORS® technology is a continuous process. According to the Chemical Engineers Handbook, continuous processing is roughly 30% cheaper than batch-wise processing.
  • HOLL-REACTORS® have no scale-up problem, as its hydraulic radius remains constant at all sizes.
  • HOLL-REACTORS® cost less than 1/20 of conventional batch reactors.
  • HOLL-REACTORS® require no shafts, no seals and no bearings. They also can be made from chemically impervious materials at low cost.
  • HOLL-REACTORS® use less than 10% of the operating energy used by conventional reactors.
  • Synthetic processes performed in HOLL-REACTORS® require less solvent than in batch reactors.
  • Products obtained in HOLL-REACTORS® are of higher purity.
  • Processes run in HOLL-REACTORS® are continuously self-cleaning.
  • Processes in HOLL-REACTORS® can run unattended and continuously for extended periods of time, reducing operating cost.
  • HOLL-REACTORS® can safely process highly exothermic (explosive) reagents, such as nitro-glycerin, HMX and RDX at high throughput. Explosion risks are minimized because of the unique, low- to sub-milliliter HOLL-REACTORS® volume, even in large reactor units.
  • The HOLL-REACTORS® technology can operate hermetically enclosed and thus poses zero air pollution and safety risk.
  • The new HOLL-REACTORS® technology is totally bypassing the classic and ubiquitous batch reactor method, as well as the more fashionable and modern micro-reactor technologies.
  • The following page shows conceptual schematic drawing of a seal-less and hermetically enclosed HOLL-REACTORS® requiring no shafts or bearings (please see following page) and a combinatorial synthesis application in a multi-well arrangement.

A Multi-Well Mini-Holl-Reactor® System and its Multi-Spindle Drive pictured Below